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I'm Michael Turney —  thanks so much for dropping by my website to find out more about TRUSTED Home Inspection ProsThroughout my career, I have been fascinated by the inner workings of buildings and homes. As an owner of new and century-old homes, condos, and former owner/manager of a multi-unit apartment building, I have invested significant time and resources into maintaining and upgrading properties. This hands-on experience has given me a keen eye for identifying potential safety and operational issues, as well as a deep understanding of building mechanics.

After many years as a marketing practitioner, designing and executing multi-touch, customer-first campaigns for top tech companies, I decided to pursue my passion for home inspections. To do something more hands-on and to be more engaged in the community. And with my Professional Real Estate Inspection Certification from Inspection Certificate Associates,  I've established myself as a reliable and knowledgeable home inspector. I'm dedicated to helping my clients make informed decisions about their property and feel confident in their investment. My marketing background allows me to communicate complex information in a clear and concise manner, while my time management skills ensure timely and efficient work —  often under tight deadlines!

Overall,  my technical expertise, practical experience as a homeowner and property manager, and communication and time management skills make me the perfect person for home inspections. I'm here to help my clients make informed decisions about their property, and I take pride in delivering the highest level of service and attention to detail.

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Through education and advocacy the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors cultivates a thriving home inspection industry based on the highest standards of professional development and ethical standards. In doing so, OAHI cultivates the ‘gold standard’ for home inspectors among consumers and the government. OAHI is the only provincially recognized body of home inspectors by The Ontario Association of Home Inspectors Act, 1994. OAHI is a not-for-profit association. 

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Professional Real Estate Inspection 

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